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About us

“I love to explore.

I think you’ll

love what I discover.”

From remembrances of loved ones

to adjustable zooming-telescope sunglasses.

 It’s a thrill for me to track down something that’s distinctive and unique–the perfect thing for a particular person or occasion. So that customers say, “My sister Jane would absolutely love that!” Or:

“How perfect for me!”


My Husband in Heaven is proudly a family business.

The original inspiration for our e-commerce business actually came from tragedy, when Aunt Shaina became a widow a few years ago and helped with the founding of the store.


"I’ve always felt a strong instinct to protect people", she said (as a kid, I wanted to be a police officer). My desire to provide comfort and solace to others was an extension of that.


So our family got together and started a Facebook page for those in similar situations. The response to it was extremely gratifying, one thing organically led to another, and before long I began seeking out items that could serve as special remembrances.


Those items struck a real chord with people.

Their enthusiasm encouraged us to start our own e-commerce company. While our earlier items are for people wanting remembrances of loved ones who’ve passed, our horizons have broadened since then.


Now when I go shopping, I keep an eye out for anything that would have special appeal to people who love originality, creativity and superb craftsmanship–hopefully, people just like you!


My Husband in Heaven is guided by old-fashioned values.

By that I mean we aren’t out to set the world on fire by jacking up prices and building an empire. This is especially true regarding customers who are in a vulnerable state as they look for something to remember their loved ones by. So we’re committed to prices that are modest and reasonable.


Please get in touch.

We really enjoy meeting new people through our store, and we welcome the chance to get on a first-name basis with them. We believe life is too short not to be friendly! So we invite your inquiry and would love to know the kinds of items you’d like to see us offer. Why not get in touch with us at:


We hope to hear from you soon!



Owner, Myhusbandinheaven